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Christians love their false dilemmas

The past couple of days I have been debating with a commenter about the nature of morality. ┬áNeither of us seemed to be productive in our arguments with one another, but one thing really struck me as odd. My point … Continue reading

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Hilarious Link: The Tweets of God

Alright, I tend to take things pretty seriously around here, as being humanitarian-minded is a pretty serious matter, especially when you have many of those believing in a story that emphasizes humanity actually practicing the opposite of what they identify … Continue reading

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Link: Is Christianity Idolatry?

I just came upon this neat little perspective! By worshiping Jesus you could be at risk of practicing idolatry, but by worshiping God (the father), you would be automatically worshiping Jesus (if you believe him to be the Son of … Continue reading

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It is important to look from all angles

I came across this car commercial today that makes great use of optical illusions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UelJZG_bF98 I think this connects with faith very well. If you are viewing the world only from the intended perspective of a specific belief or line … Continue reading

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