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My walk with Jesus begins!

If you missed my last post, I have decided to move on from updating this blog and am starting a new one documenting my first steps into truly following Jesus. I have now started that blog, but I encourage you … Continue reading

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Miscarriage is murder???

This is ridiculous. http://rt.com/usa/mississippi-prosecuting-women-miscarriages-781/ If women make the slightest mistake during pregnancy, they are now criminals.  If they make the slightest mistake during pregnancy and have a stillbirth or miscarriage, they will be more likely to try to hide it … Continue reading

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Why Jesus is valued and Bieber is scorned

I read the following blog post just now, a post questioning the meaning of life: http://foryourthought.wordpress.com/2014/03/19/meaning-of-life/ I decided to try my hand at offering an answer to that question: Life’s purpose is to be a part of this species known … Continue reading

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Does morality come from a desire to survive?

Some say morality comes from God.  I say morality comes out of a desire to survive.  Since God can’t be tested, let’s see how the desire to survive fits in with the “10 Commandments” from the Old Testament of the … Continue reading

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