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Legal abortion saves lives.

One final note on the abortion front.  This should hopefully bring clarity to those who may need it as to why banning abortion is such an unpopular idea. “While there is very little relationship between abortion legality and abortion incidence, … Continue reading

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How to lovingly handle abortion

I spoke out against Christian animosity toward abortion on a blog post the other day.  Someone responded with the comparison of having a child who has taken up stealing. The equivalent of banning abortions in this scenario would be to … Continue reading

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Link: Uruguay becomes first country to legalise marijuana trade

Less judgements, more forgiveness.  I am curious to see the results of this!  It sounds a bit like car licensing for drug users and growers.  Hopefully a step in the right direction to dissolve organized crime and avoid needless imprisonment. … Continue reading

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Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice – why not Pro-Balance?

First off, why do so many Christians want to force a Pro-Life agenda on the general public?  I can’t recall Jesus ever attempting to force anything on anyone.  Aren’t Christians supposed to be following Jesus’ lead? As for the argument … Continue reading

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