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“God’s Not Dead” … In Real Life!

In Reverse!! http://www.patheos.com/blogs/godlessindixie/2015/07/10/the-sequel-in-my-classroom/ If you are looking for loving Christians, it might be wise to avoid looking in the US “Bible Belt”.  From the numerous stories I have read, many “Bible belt” Christians seem to have missed the “love thy neighbour” passages … Continue reading

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How do Christians ignore John 3:17 so easily?

Some Christians have a tendency to act out or support laws against homosexuality, drugs, and abortions.  I find this troubling. Even more troubling is that one of the most popular Biblical passages, John 3:16, is immediately followed by a passage … Continue reading

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Christianity and Pride Week

Upon seeing a religious sign posted next to an official Pride week sign, I wrote the following letter to the editor of the local newspaper: — Take the time to connect On my way home from work, I drove past … Continue reading

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Christians do not judge non-Christians

It’s true, according to the Bible anyways.  If you are a Christian, you don’t judge non-Christians.  If you consider yourself a Christian and you raise your voice about something like gay marriage, be careful that you’re not raising your voice … Continue reading

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Video: Legal abortion reduces abortion rates

From a woman who knows the power of forgiveness, Hillary Clinton. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH9rC0MaBJc How ironic, the “pro-choice” movement may actually be more pro-life than the “pro-life” movement, after all aspects are factored in. This is why it is important to look … Continue reading

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Link: Uruguay becomes first country to legalise marijuana trade

Less judgements, more forgiveness.  I am curious to see the results of this!  It sounds a bit like car licensing for drug users and growers.  Hopefully a step in the right direction to dissolve organized crime and avoid needless imprisonment. … Continue reading

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Is claiming Christianity as “Truth” a judgement?

Christianity teaches that God is the only one who has the right to judge.  I am currently engaged in an exchange with a couple of Christians where they claim Christianity as truth and have said my thinking is wrong in … Continue reading

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