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What were Jesus’ ACTUAL final words?

It’s interesting.  Jesus’ death and resurrection are the cornerstone of Christianity.  For an event so important, you would think the Gospel accounts would connect with each other really well around these events. You would think that Jesus’ final words would … Continue reading

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Jesus claims to be many things … only in John’s Gospel?

I’ve always found the Gospel of John to be suspiciously campfire story-ish, with much embellishment beyond what the other Gospels speak of. Here is another case of that.  Jesus claims to be many things, and they are all in the … Continue reading

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Evidence of Jesus’ existence

This video explores the evidence in understanding the true nature of Jesus’ existence.  Some very interesting and thoughtful points are made using a scholarly approach. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUYRoYl7i6U

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How do Christians ignore John 3:17 so easily?

Some Christians have a tendency to act out or support laws against homosexuality, drugs, and abortions.  I find this troubling. Even more troubling is that one of the most popular Biblical passages, John 3:16, is immediately followed by a passage … Continue reading

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Jesus is NOT the Father

If you hold Jesus to the same standard as God the Father, you may be committing idolatry. I came across this web page that thoroughly debunks this troubling belief that many Christians hold: http://www.angelfire.com/planet/loveoneanothe/oneness.html

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Is the Christian God a liar???

Food for thought – Jesus is accused of claims of Godliness.  Jesus denies/deflects these claims.  Still, many Christians believe Jesus is God. If Jesus is God, but denies being God, that would mean that God is a liar. Jesus also points … Continue reading

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Thought: How can the Bible be fully God’s Word?

If Jesus was the only sinless human … If all of humanity has a tendency toward sin … If the Bible’s New Testament was written and compiled after Jesus was gone … If the Bible was written and compiled by … Continue reading

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