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The Ridiculousness of some Christian Arguments

This guys seems to do a pretty good job of laying out some flaws in Christian thinking.

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Heaven and Hell: No free will for eternity

Just a thought, if the idea of Heaven and Hell are correct, how are the two different? In both places we will have no free will for eternity.  Is that really an appealing idea?

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Thought: If you were God …

If you were God and were selecting those who are allowed in Heaven with You, who would you let in? A) People who claim to know You based on human-written stories and are often bothering you with personal requests or … Continue reading

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Is Heaven like North Korea?

Instead of simply creating a perfect place for everyone to be, God allowed free will for us to decide if we want to go to the perfect place for eternity.  Now, this poses some difficulties. Sin comes with free will.  … Continue reading

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Is the Bible consistent in its message?

There is an infographic that shows all of the supposed contradictions in the Bible. Actually, here it is: Image: http://sciencebasedlife.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/biblecontradictions-reasonproject.png PDF: http://www.project-reason.org/bibleContra_big.pdf Now, some Christians will contend that these contradictions need to be fit together with context.  Let’s say that … Continue reading

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Hockey and the Bible!

Yes, I’m going there.  Hockey and the Bible! So you say Heaven and Hell are places we go after we’re done living?  I’m not so sure about that.  I am more of the impression that Heaven and Hell exist within … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t Heaven be boring?

“Christians look forward to Heaven as place where people will find complete healing and everything about their identity enhanced to its full potential.  In that context they will enjoy the love of God and enjoy the love of each other … Continue reading

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