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Test your knowledge of the Gospels!

A simple test about the Gospels that might really get you thinking!  Give it a try!

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The Resurrection: How reliable are the Gospels?

There are times where the Gospels are consistent, and times where they are inconsistent about the events surrounding Jesus’ resurrection.  Here is a chart comparing the events between the Gospels: http://www.religionfacts.com/christianity/charts/resurrection_accounts.htm So, how many men and how many angels really … Continue reading

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The U.S.A. was NOT founded on Christianity

I’ve been learning about quite the interesting bit of information the past few days – Thomas Jefferson’s Bible mash-up. What Thomas Jefferson am I talking about?  The one who was the principal author of the American Declaration of Independence.  He … Continue reading

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Nikola Tesla is an internet age Jesus?

I thought this blog may have run its course with my last post.  Seems God, or as I like to say – Great Outward Directions, had other plans! You know how I mentioned that evidence suggests that the Bible, more … Continue reading

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