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Only Christianity offers total forgiveness. ..?

It’s quite the marketing point!  And this idea is used against this poor Buddhist fellow who clearly doesn’t know his religion in-depth: http://wretchednetwork.wordpress.com/2014/05/08/a-buddhist-and-a-christians-perspective-on-hell/comment-page-1/#comment-1478 “No other religion besides Biblical Christianity offers total forgiveness.” Isn’t that a shame for those of other … Continue reading

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Video: Coming Out | What Was Holding Me Back

It’s unfortunate how people’s Biblical understandings overlook the concepts of love and forgiveness that Jesus presents in favour of getting hung up on words in the scripture that lead to a passive aggressive attitude toward those who don’t fit within … Continue reading

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Video: Legal abortion reduces abortion rates

From a woman who knows the power of forgiveness, Hillary Clinton. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH9rC0MaBJc How ironic, the “pro-choice” movement may actually be more pro-life than the “pro-life” movement, after all aspects are factored in. This is why it is important to look … Continue reading

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Did God get forgiveness wrong?

Here’s a big issue I have with believing Jesus died for our sins – accepting it as truth would also be accepting that God got the idea of forgiveness wrong and had to make a change part way through human … Continue reading

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The Simple Heart of Christianity

This is a revision of Christian beliefs in a nutshell – revision 1 —– In the New Testament of the Bible, the concepts Jesus taught were love/respect, forgiveness, and thankfulness/thoughtfulness. Love/Respect – Understood using the idea of the Holy Trinity.  Be … Continue reading

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Morality, sins, and forgiveness – what might have Jesus known?

The New Testament itself is a departure from some beliefs in the Old Testament.  This is due to the clearer understandings Jesus brought and carved into the table. But wait, where does morality come from anyways?  I think there may … Continue reading

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