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What if there is a God, and ALL religion is false?

I have occasionally heard the argument “what have you got to lose?” as a reason to accept Christianity.  I’m not sure that’s such a wise idea. What if religions are all false but there is a God using them as a … Continue reading

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Video: How Bible stories were easily exaggerated

The human memory is a troublesome thing.  Even in this age of readily available information, great quotes can be wrongly attributed to people who do great things in a short period of time. Case in point, author John Green – who … Continue reading

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Jesus is NOT the Father

If you hold Jesus to the same standard as God the Father, you may be committing idolatry. I came across this web page that thoroughly debunks this troubling belief that many Christians hold: http://www.angelfire.com/planet/loveoneanothe/oneness.html

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