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Re-blog: The Jesus Drug

“Feel you when I’m restless, feel you when I cannot cope You’re my addiction, my prescription, my antidote You kill the poison, ease the suffering Calm the rage when I’m afraid to feel again You’re better than drugs Your love … Continue reading

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How do Christians ignore John 3:17 so easily?

Some Christians have a tendency to act out or support laws against homosexuality, drugs, and abortions.  I find this troubling. Even more troubling is that one of the most popular Biblical passages, John 3:16, is immediately followed by a passage … Continue reading

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Christians must realize that prohibition tends to do more harm than good

There are parts of Christianity that wish to control all of society.  Typically, they seem to seek the banning of things they feel have been deemed as “sin” by the Bible.  Sadly, they don’t realize that by being controlling rather … Continue reading

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Legal abortion saves lives.

One final note on the abortion front.  This should hopefully bring clarity to those who may need it as to why banning abortion is such an unpopular idea. “While there is very little relationship between abortion legality and abortion incidence, … Continue reading

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Why do Christians treat sinners so poorly?

One key thing I learned from reading the Bible is that Jesus brought understanding and release from sin to others through love and connection. Christians tend to battle sin with control and regulation.  Look at how fiercely some Christians want … Continue reading

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Link: A Church Superhero??

A church that started in a former bar in an area known for drug dealing and sex workers spawned a superhero by the name of Captain Kindness! It’s a story of a local church that really has made a difference … Continue reading

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Everyone goes to heaven!

Alright, since I was led to bring Bashar into things, let’s go a little deeper. First off, whether it is legit or not, it is impressive nonetheless.  Why do I say this?  Bashar is supposedly an alien channeled through a … Continue reading

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Is Christianity as addictive as hard drugs?

We’ve all heard how there are religious groups that want to ban addictive drugs.  But isn’t something you hate actually a reflection on yourself? “Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer, and you know that no murderer … Continue reading

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