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What were Jesus’ ACTUAL final words?

It’s interesting.  Jesus’ death and resurrection are the cornerstone of Christianity.  For an event so important, you would think the Gospel accounts would connect with each other really well around these events. You would think that Jesus’ final words would … Continue reading

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The Resurrection: How reliable are the Gospels?

There are times where the Gospels are consistent, and times where they are inconsistent about the events surrounding Jesus’ resurrection.  Here is a chart comparing the events between the Gospels: http://www.religionfacts.com/christianity/charts/resurrection_accounts.htm So, how many men and how many angels really … Continue reading

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Why was Jesus on the cross for only 3 hours?

Here is an issue I have with both the idea that Jesus was God and the idea that Jesus is fictional.  In either case, why wouldn’t Jesus be kept on the cross long enough to ensure he was dead without … Continue reading

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Jesus’ crucifixion was handled by the poor?

In explaining my interpretation of Jesus’ story in a comment thread in another blog, I was being challenged about how Jesus could possibly have survived Roman-style crucifixion.  I had to brush up on that knowledge and was led to a … Continue reading

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Jesus: Liar, Lunatic, or Lord? … OR!

One argument I’ve heard in defense of the Bible is one that emphasizes that Jesus is not a liar or a lunatic, so therefore he must be exactly who Christianity says he is. Here’s a link with that argument: http://christianstudy.homestead.com/files/classes/defending_the_faith/lesson8.htmContinue reading

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