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It’s interesting to hear about historical discoveries that give us clues about the actual nature of our existence. Oldest traces of life on Earth found in Quebec, dating back roughly 3.8 billion years May aid in search for traces of life … Continue reading

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Hockey and the Bible!

Yes, I’m going there.  Hockey and the Bible! So you say Heaven and Hell are places we go after we’re done living?  I’m not so sure about that.  I am more of the impression that Heaven and Hell exist within … Continue reading

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A thought on determining truth: Creation vs Evolution

Have you ever encountered someone who attempts to turn things in another direction, or comes up with alternate explanations whenever they are called into question? Have you ever encountered someone who, when called into question, attempts to understand what happened … Continue reading

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Did God get forgiveness wrong?

Here’s a big issue I have with believing Jesus died for our sins – accepting it as truth would also be accepting that God got the idea of forgiveness wrong and had to make a change part way through human … Continue reading

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Theory of evolution update!

So it seems scientists aren’t in agreement about our relationship with neanderthals.  I guess there are still some significant gaps to be filled in and some uncertainty as to how we came to be who we are in the scientific … Continue reading

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God VS The Universe!

Is God a supreme being?  Is God a personification of the forces that act upon us that are not understood?  Does it really matter? Either way, God is big and powerful.  How big and powerful?  Well, let’s forget the arguments … Continue reading

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