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Is Heaven like North Korea?

Instead of simply creating a perfect place for everyone to be, God allowed free will for us to decide if we want to go to the perfect place for eternity.  Now, this poses some difficulties. Sin comes with free will.  … Continue reading

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Link: The Kansas ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Is Unbiblical

A prime example of how a significant number of Christians seem to have missed the point of Jesus’ teachings completely. Fortunately, they are having second-thoughts about passing this bill.  Christians need to realize that their religion is not about enacting … Continue reading

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Why do Christians treat sinners so poorly?

One key thing I learned from reading the Bible is that Jesus brought understanding and release from sin to others through love and connection. Christians tend to battle sin with control and regulation.  Look at how fiercely some Christians want … Continue reading

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Love vs Control

My conversation with a couple of Christians on a YouTube comment section has continued on.  It reached the point where one of the Christians involved is telling me to stop replying, when they can just as easily do the same. … Continue reading

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