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Walking the tightrope between Atheism and Christianity

In my journey to explore an uncommon view of Jesus, it seems to be a constant uphill battle.  Christians and Atheists alike seem to have issues with the ideas I am suggesting.  Of course, Christians and Atheists prefer to be … Continue reading

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Morality, sins, and forgiveness – what might have Jesus known?

The New Testament itself is a departure from some beliefs in the Old Testament.  This is due to the clearer understandings Jesus brought and carved into the table. But wait, where does morality come from anyways?  I think there may … Continue reading

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Link: Matrix of Belief – where would Jesus be?

Today, I was thinking about how balance and how people’s beliefs might be able to be charted on a graph that is representational of any degree of belief. Fortunately, I decided to do an internet search before I started hashing … Continue reading

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