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Are you anti-abortion? Are you sure?

A good point is brought up in this discussion video – those who are anti-abortion: are they really anti-abortion?  Or are they more strongly anti-sex? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ad3RkIlIlA Colorado has experimented with reducing teen pregnancies and abortions by providing birth control to the … Continue reading

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How do Christians ignore John 3:17 so easily?

Some Christians have a tendency to act out or support laws against homosexuality, drugs, and abortions.  I find this troubling. Even more troubling is that one of the most popular Biblical passages, John 3:16, is immediately followed by a passage … Continue reading

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Miscarriage is murder???

This is ridiculous. http://rt.com/usa/mississippi-prosecuting-women-miscarriages-781/ If women make the slightest mistake during pregnancy, they are now criminals.  If they make the slightest mistake during pregnancy and have a stillbirth or miscarriage, they will be more likely to try to hide it … Continue reading

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Legal abortion saves lives.

One final note on the abortion front.  This should hopefully bring clarity to those who may need it as to why banning abortion is such an unpopular idea. “While there is very little relationship between abortion legality and abortion incidence, … Continue reading

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Pro-Life and Pro-Choice are BOTH Pro-Humanity

To put the abortion matter simply, it comes down to the root of morality – survival. Personal survival and survival of the species. In the case of abortion, there are two people who are significantly affected in their ability to … Continue reading

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Video: Legal abortion reduces abortion rates

From a woman who knows the power of forgiveness, Hillary Clinton. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH9rC0MaBJc How ironic, the “pro-choice” movement may actually be more pro-life than the “pro-life” movement, after all aspects are factored in. This is why it is important to look … Continue reading

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Video: Sarah Silverman on abortion

Some interesting thoughts in this video. Viewer Discretion Advised – coarse language and illustrations of genitalia Sarah Silverman is Visited by Jesus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahdR6aHQvMQ

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Why do Christians treat sinners so poorly?

One key thing I learned from reading the Bible is that Jesus brought understanding and release from sin to others through love and connection. Christians tend to battle sin with control and regulation.  Look at how fiercely some Christians want … Continue reading

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How to lovingly handle abortion

I spoke out against Christian animosity toward abortion on a blog post the other day.  Someone responded with the comparison of having a child who has taken up stealing. The equivalent of banning abortions in this scenario would be to … Continue reading

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Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice – why not Pro-Balance?

First off, why do so many Christians want to force a Pro-Life agenda on the general public?  I can’t recall Jesus ever attempting to force anything on anyone.  Aren’t Christians supposed to be following Jesus’ lead? As for the argument … Continue reading

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