It’s interesting to hear about historical discoveries that give us clues about the actual nature of our existence.

Oldest traces of life on Earth found in Quebec, dating back roughly 3.8 billion years
May aid in search for traces of life elsewhere in our solar system


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Christians love their false dilemmas

The past couple of days I have been debating with a commenter about the nature of morality.  Neither of us seemed to be productive in our arguments with one another, but one thing really struck me as odd.

My point of view was very consistently being mischaracterized.

My stance is that morality tends to come about naturally due to consequence and reaction. My opponent’s stance was that without an objective morality “in an atheistic worldview everything is random and spontaneous. There should be no order.

Except there is order.  The order isn’t always consistent, but some form of order always develops.  It’s not the anarchy my opponent is making it out to be, and that should be clear by simply looking at non-religious populations in the world.  The greatest amount of conflict seems more to be centred around highly religious populations utilizing objective moralities.

But I wonder, if morality is objective and comes from God, which part of the Bible am I to find the source of the swimming pool rules?

How do the Mafia determine their organization’s rules?

Why do we have governments working to manage the rules of countries?  Where are their rule changes coming from?

How does society adapt to believe new things are good or bad if morality is objective?

How do different denomination of Christianity adopt different viewpoints of the same objective morality guidebook?

My point of view was also mischaracterized as being one that lacks meaning.  That’s absolutely absurd.  If my life lacked meaning, the conversation I am speaking of would never have been something I would have cared to engage in.  I would be out inciting chaos, raping and pillaging and all of that fun stuff, wouldn’t I?

And then there is C.S. Lewis’ false dilemma about Jesus having to be either lord, liar, or lunatic which I speak of in my old post titled “Jesus: Liar, Lunatic, or Lord? … OR!

Another blogger just happened to mentioned that she has just had a similar Christian false dilemma encounter in the past couple of days as well.  How’s that for divine intervention timing!  See: “Why Are We Here?


Anyways, I thought I was done with this Christian criticism blog thing.  Funny how things happen sometimes!  I guess everything is a part of God’s plan, right?

Alright, time for me to go snub my nose at blasphemous pool rules and dive into some shallow water, alone, while yelling loudly.  Those pool rule makers think they’re on-par with God … how dare they!

(for more info on false dilemmas:

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Is Satan evil?


“If Satan punishes the evildoers – wouldn’t that make him a good guy?”


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Jesus claims to be many things … only in John’s Gospel?


I’ve always found the Gospel of John to be suspiciously campfire story-ish, with much embellishment beyond what the other Gospels speak of.

Here is another case of that.  Jesus claims to be many things, and they are all in the Gospel of John.  It seems like Jesus doesn’t make these bold claims in the other Gospels, just like he only receives a spear in his side in his crucifixion in the Gospel of John – an event that surely shouldn’t have been so easily missed by the authors of the other Gospels if it actually happened.

And then there’s the part in John about Jesus outright claiming to be God, something he doesn’t do anywhere else either.

The Gospel of John should not be easily trusted.

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False Ideologies and Message Control

I was on a feminist blog the other day responding to some questionable material, as I tend to do when I encounter questionable material on any subject. It was a post regarding prostitution.  I am o…

Source: False Ideologies and Message Control

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God and the straightness of your path

I noticed these two images posted in succession by a Christian who I am connected with on social media.  Take a look:

So, acknowledge God and your paths will become straight … but resist that easy route and follow whatever erratic path you might be led on?

Damn it, God, make up your mind!
(note: The “Jesus Calling” image appears to come from the Valley Bible Fellowship Of Las Vegas Facebook page from January 13, 2014.  Apparently they left their Bible at home that day.)

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Born A Skeptic

I went through Sunday school – I’m pretty sure I was there nearly almost every week that I was eligible age-wise to be there. I really don’t have much recollection of that time, I think it was approached in an easy-going way enough that I was not challenged to submit to the belief, and I wasn’t compelled to question what I was being taught.

Once I was of the age to have to attend the regular church service, I felt uncomfortable with the whole thing – singing strange songs together with everyone was not something I had any interest in doing, and the sermons seemed to be utter boringness.

Needless to say, that was the end of my church-going days until several years ago when I decided to learn more about it in order to find out why many Christians I had encountered were often rather selfish. That, and I did feel intimidation when religious ideas were brought up. I figured I should learn what the truth is about Jesus and God and all that.

I came out the other end of that experience confident that Christianity is man-made.


Though I am an atheist in relation to Christianity, I will not accept the title of atheist.


You can consider me an agnostic, as not having enough information to know one way or another should imply that I am neutral on the subject of god-belief.  With the little I do know, I have both belief in a god and lack of belief in a god, and I would consider those beliefs relatively equal.  You can maybe describe me as sometimes an agnostic theist and sometimes an agnostic atheist – though neither term alone accurately captures where I stand on god belief.

I am open the the possibility that beyond the universe there could be some sort of creative force. I am also open to the possibility that there may not be.

Source: The DWR Sunday Religious Disservice – Born A Skeptic

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