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Religion vs Science??

Science is essentially a method of testing and better understanding God’s Creation.  Why do some Christians oppose this?? This video talk takes a look at some of the issues of setting religion and science in opposition to each other:

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The Pope accepts Evolution and the Big Bang!

*** This is NOT satire.  This is real. *** I couldn’t believe it myself when I first read it! I commend the Pope of the Catholic Church for taking a step to help open Christians up to what humanity has … Continue reading

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Large-scale evolution now has clear evidence

Creationists have accepted small scale evolution, but are still stubborn to accept that it happens more dramatically on a longer timescale. Hopefully these recently published findings of how dinosaur transitioned to bird will help clear things up for them. Here … Continue reading

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Link: Religious Children Struggle To Separate Fact From Fiction

I wonder if belief in Santa Claus also has a similar effect? I’m all for encouraging imagination or using fictional stories in teaching real-life concepts, but presenting children with questionable stories as if they are fact can definitely be troublesome … Continue reading

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Video: For Christians who don’t believe in Evolution

This is hopefully a clear demonstration of how things can be known without eye-witness accounts (or how troubling the belief in the necessity of eye-witness accounts is): Were You There?

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A thought on determining truth: Creation vs Evolution

Have you ever encountered someone who attempts to turn things in another direction, or comes up with alternate explanations whenever they are called into question? Have you ever encountered someone who, when called into question, attempts to understand what happened … Continue reading

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Links: Creationists questioning evolution (perspective and responses)

I didn’t really want to get into the debate from the other day where Ken Ham and Bill Nye debated the relevance of creationism in science.  It has turned out to be more of a circus side show than a … Continue reading

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