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Did Jesus think he was God?

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The outstanding liberal Biblical scholar James McGrath wrote a thought-provoking post on this very topic. ? I mentioned a few posts about Bart Ehrman’s recent book yesterday, and there are already a couple more. Larry Hurtado…

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Can lies be used for the greater good?

I suggest that it is possible Jesus could have led people to believe he was the Messiah and performed a resurrection like a magician to solidify the ideas he taught. Though, I am doubtful that Jesus outright proclaimed to be … Continue reading

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“Son of Man”: holy title or human reference?

Jesus’ “Son of Man” title is seen as a holy title connected to this reference: “In my vision at night I looked, and there before me was one like a son of man, coming with the clouds of heaven. He … Continue reading

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Fully human, fully God – how this can work logically

When I hear an athlete say they are going to give 110% effort, I shake my head.  If taken literally, they are saying that they will exert themselves 10% beyond what they are capable of.  In other words, I expect … Continue reading

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The Liars for Jesus Club presents….

Some strong evidence of inconsistencies in the New Testament and scholarly commentary on them. This is a good indication that the Biblical Gospel accounts have stretched the truth significantly.

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Bible translation ALERT!!! Luke 22:70

Does Jesus admit being the Son of God?  Or does he avoid a clear proclamation? Jesus accepts the title in some versions of the Bible: They all asked, “Are you the Son of God then?” He replied, “You are right … Continue reading

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Are Christian Martyrs Proof of the Resurrection?

Originally posted on Unconventional Spirituality:
I have read a few posts this week that defend the doctrine of Jesus’ resurrection by stating that a physical bodily resurrection must have occurred because it would take something extraordinary and miraculous to cause…

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