I have some sad / happy news to share

Dear readers of this blog, I am sad to say that this is the end of this blog.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately.  Much has been going on in my life that has been shifting my perspectives.  With this weekend being Easter, I feel it is now the appropriate time to share that I have accepted Jesus into my heart and have been taking my first steps in my true walk with Him.

I know this may surprise and disappoint some of my readers.  For those who are interested though, I will be starting a new blog shortly documenting this new path I am taking.  I am seriously bursting with joy at the revelations I’ve been experiencing.

Happy Easter to you all and God bless.

Edit: I have started the new blog!  You can view it here:


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2 Responses to I have some sad / happy news to share

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  2. Neil Rickert says:

    You say that on April Fool’s day. Now we have to work out what it means.

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