Biggest positives of leaving religious fundamentalism

Alright, I had my April Fool’s Day fun.  Now here’s something real!

I came across this on Twitter where a musician I follow, Meaghan Smith (@MeaghanSmith), listed off some great positives about leaving religious fundamentalism in response to an Easter tweet from John Dehlin (@JohnDehlin), a Psychology Ph.D..

Meaghan Smith’s responses:
1.  REGAINING MY BODY BACK. We are constantly being told our bodies are on loan. As a female this has been especially wonderful to NOT believe anymore. I am mine.
2.  Letting others be themselves without thinking that I need to help them convert. Honestly, it’s so nice to just be myself and let everyone else be themselves too.
3.  Reclaiming my sexuality. No one deserves a spot in this area in my life but me. No bishop. No stake president. No ex. Not even my husband. Again, I am mine.
4.  Listening to myself!! This is one of the biggest positives. Turns out I know what’s best for me (over the opinions of a bunch of elderly white men).
5.  Having Sundays back. Making my own choices about where to donate my money. Relaxing about death. Embracing imperfection. I could go on… This is a great question! There re so many wonderful things about leaving.

6.  Not wrestling myself for answers. Just letting myself know or not know/believe or not believe whatever I want. Feels so great!

7.  Loving myself just as I am actually enables me to become a better person as opposed to trying to shame myself into change.

8.  So many!! No longer believing that my issues are ‘sins’ and actually dealing with them as opposed to trying to ‘pray’ myself better.

Some very thoughtful insight!

If you have a moment, I suggest you check out Meaghan’s music too.  It’s easy on the ears and she writes some great songs!

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