Re-blog: The Jesus Drug

“Feel you when I’m restless, feel you when I cannot cope You’re my addiction, my prescription, my antidote You kill the poison, ease the suffering Calm the rage when I’m afraid to feel again You’re better than drugs Your love is like wine Feel you comin’ on so fast, feel you comin’ to get […]

via The Jesus Drug — For Your Thoughts

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25 Responses to Re-blog: The Jesus Drug

  1. landzek says:

    I’m sorry. That is just terrible. I know ur trying to market Jesus. But wow. Is Jesus hiring that much? Obviously, you have never shot drugs. You might want to rethink this. Or maybe it’s a joke?? 😳

    • jasonjshaw says:

      I’m not too sure what you mean. The post I re-blogged talks of dangers of Jesus belief.

      • landzek says:

        Ah – ok 😝. I am totally an idiot! Lol. Thanks. Much better now. I’m not sure what I was looking at before. 😳

      • jasonjshaw says:

        No worries! I think my blog title can cause a bit of confusion as to my position on the belief – but I hope it leads people to stop and think for a moment!

      • landzek says:

        wow. I read the whole thing. Who knew?

        That is a revealing story. Of religion and delusional thinking and you coming out the other side of it. Wow

        There’s so much going on there, so much to think about.

        It is interesting that you claim to be an atheist, the other side of it. I think that is the clearest interesting thing to me.

        It is interesting because you claim a theatre them against a particular religious conception of God, one that confined you, It seems.

        It is interesting to me because it’s a strange sort of discernment to clump fee is him into that kind of believe that you had, such that you had actually had a kind of spiritual awakening that brought you to not believe in God.

        It seems to me The label atheism says more of what you once believed than it does about the actual situation.

        For example I don’t think any of these kind of relational labels work for me. I wouldn’t say I am a Theist, but neither when I say I’m atheist or agnostic. Send me the issue is moot, the point I would argue over to me has become kind of pointless, kind of meaningless.

        Then again I do use the word spiritual in certain contexts, but I would say that my spiritual practice is really just philosophy. Lol, if you want to put a name to it. Other than that I really have no sense of spirituality, But I do have a sense of not being in a kind of “shape” and then some practical things I can do to get myself back “in shape”. But that’s beside the point.
        The polemical motion that you accomplished is interesting because of all the authors that you said that you read when you were Christian. I wonder if you would have a different take on what many of them are saying now that you don’t have that ‘ fantastic’ mythologiCal lens to see through anymore.

        In particular Kierkegaard. Though I am not a letter scholar of Kierkegaard I to have a pretty good grasp of what he saying and I’ve read probably most of his books that he wrote.

        It is interesting because I think that Christians misinterpret what he saying in order to support their “true“ Christian attitude or belief.

        I wonder if you’ve approached some of these authors and philosophers outside of the Pentecostal Delusionalcontext?

      • jasonjshaw says:

        It’s actually not my story, I shared it from another blog I follow.

        I think my view is more similar to yours. I am not a fan of belief labels, though if I must adopt one, I consider myself a “neutral agnostic”. Is there a God? I have no idea and can’t take a position on that thought until I have sufficient evidence one way or another. I am okay with not knowing.

        In relation to Christianity (and most other religions) though, I would be an Atheist – I think there is enough reason to believe all existing God-based religions are not true. I rather not base my position in relation to other positions like that though.

      • landzek says:

        Oh my gosh. That’s so weird because I was wondering why you had a link to the same story on your blog and then it seem to take me to your blog again. Lol. Wow I’m really in space on this one 😶🙄😛. Perhaps I’ll try to copy it over to his blog because it is pretty interesting to me.

      • landzek says:

        It’s crazy to me the story that he conveys. It just goes my point that human beings are insane. Lol.

  2. landzek says:

    (sorry about the typos, I hope you can read over them. Lol. I was voice dictating)

  3. landzek says:

    … oh, I didn’t finish my point about spirituality. In certain contexts of my life I don’t presume upon peoples beliefs but try to help them work with whatever they have in place. So sometimes people are really desperate and they’re Christian to a certain extent and or they believe in God of some sort but they are kind of jilted or they don’t think that God will help them. Often my response to this is that perhaps it is not God that is preventing them from receiving the help that they need or want, but perhaps it is merely their concept, their framing of what God is that is preventing them from getting what they want. Just a thought.

    • jasonjshaw says:

      I actually spent 6 months going to a church, reading the Bible and trying to understand the belief better. I came out the other side with a simplification of some core concepts of the belief which I think are pretty universal. They are what inspired the naming of my blog.

      If you are interested, they are here:

      • landzek says:

        We’re you not raised Christian? So you were interested in religion. And went to church for a bit? Wow. Tell me about that. It seems to me such an anachronism for someone to be like hey I think I’ll go to this church for a little while. 🙂

      • jasonjshaw says:

        I went to Sunday School when I was young and that was fine, but I had zero interest when I was at the age where I would have to attend regular church service. Singing strange songs together with everyone really weirded me out.

        What got me curious to explore the faith later in life was the intimidation factor of not really knowing about it as well as wondering why many Christians I had encountered seem to be more selfish on average than others, especially as I had thought Christians were supposed to be on a higher moral level.

        So I dug into it, tried to look at it from many perspectives to get as good a sense of the faith as I could, and came out the other side with a better understanding as to why people connect with the faith while also now being confident that there was no way it was true … the supernatural elements anyways.

        Surprisingly, there does seem to be a possibility though that Jesus’ “death and resurrection” may have simply been a fantastic well-planned illusion that had good intentions behind it, which led people to believe it was supernatural.

      • jasonjshaw says:

        Looks like quite the in-depth analysis! What is your basic view about the reality behind the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection?

      • landzek says:

        I’m not a Christian. If that is a good answer.
        What is your basic view?

        I’m not sure I have a basic view. Lol. 😋

      • landzek says:

        … I do not believe that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God sent down to earth in human for to forgive our sins so that he who believe in him will have eternal life. Is that what you are asking ?


      • jasonjshaw says:

        Does that mean you do believe Jesus’ resurrection is supernatural in nature, but that there is more to the story of God than just the Bible?

      • landzek says:

        I think the Bible is one book about God. There are many. But I think the Bible tells the story of his consciousness functions under certain conditions. A particular condition in this case. The Gita tells a more comprehensive story. Perhaps we could say the Bible is an appendix of the Gita maybe. Lol.

      • jasonjshaw says:

        I think I can agree with that viewpoint, on a figurative “God” level anyways. I would expect people exploring the nature of humanity/existence from different cultures to end up with some connecting views.

      • landzek says:

        I’m not sure how to take “super natural“. I speak to different situations in different ways. I’m not sure if I really have beliefs in something that is beyond my ability to have a belief, if that makes any sense, I’m kind of insane. lol. I’m not entirely positive if we have access to anything that is beyond the world. I have a sort of all inclusive view on things when it comes to what I might think about belief or opinion. If there is an outside force or something that is outside thought or thinking then it necessarily must affect thought and thinking in a manner that is totally of thought and thinking. The only way I would be able to apprehend something that is beyond would be to have faith in my ability to discern something that is extra worldly, which in the way I understand things it would have to be something that was totally insane and outside mobility to comprehend – which is totally possible but then we would have to come across issue of how would I be able to put it into words so that people could understand it.

        My ability to reach outside myself I think is just an ability of consciousness, it is a way of situating itself in space. If God or Jesus or some sort of supernatural force is situated then it is situated in this meaningful space, if something is outside of that meaningful space, then I think we get into a different conversation and I would have to bring up The notion that I came across in reading Rudolph Otto. “ idea of the holy”.

      • landzek says:

        Come to think of it: I am gong to do a revision of that book of mine. I am going to post the whole text on Scribd for free. Then you can read it if you want and down load it if you want .

        I wonder though if you would be so interested and have the time to help me with the revision by pointing out type-o s and general format stuff, and if you really wanted to give me feedback about any sort of thing you might notice. ?

        I know there are more than a few typos in it. But that’s a 5th revision. And so I just let it stand .

        Also. I have been pondering a new approach to the content; a new intro and preface and such. The revision will be by next summer and will be in trade paper copy. If you want to help me in any way I would surely appreciate it.

      • jasonjshaw says:

        Thanks for the opportunity to help out, but I doubt I’ll be of much use to you. I’ll definitely mention any typos or issues I may come across, but I can’t make any promises as to how in-depth I will be able to get.

      • landzek says:

        Yeah I went to church when I was young. But then found too many contradictions and hypocrites. So I asked god to show me the truth, and he showed me that he didn’t exist. Lol.

  4. landzek says:

    Uh. Duh: I just noticed it says “Re blog” right at the top. Some days…..🙃

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