Born A Skeptic

I went through Sunday school – I’m pretty sure I was there nearly almost every week that I was eligible age-wise to be there. I really don’t have much recollection of that time, I think it was approached in an easy-going way enough that I was not challenged to submit to the belief, and I wasn’t compelled to question what I was being taught.

Once I was of the age to have to attend the regular church service, I felt uncomfortable with the whole thing – singing strange songs together with everyone was not something I had any interest in doing, and the sermons seemed to be utter boringness.

Needless to say, that was the end of my church-going days until several years ago when I decided to learn more about it in order to find out why many Christians I had encountered were often rather selfish. That, and I did feel intimidation when religious ideas were brought up. I figured I should learn what the truth is about Jesus and God and all that.

I came out the other end of that experience confident that Christianity is man-made.


Though I am an atheist in relation to Christianity, I will not accept the title of atheist.


You can consider me an agnostic, as not having enough information to know one way or another should imply that I am neutral on the subject of god-belief.  With the little I do know, I have both belief in a god and lack of belief in a god, and I would consider those beliefs relatively equal.  You can maybe describe me as sometimes an agnostic theist and sometimes an agnostic atheist – though neither term alone accurately captures where I stand on god belief.

I am open the the possibility that beyond the universe there could be some sort of creative force. I am also open to the possibility that there may not be.

Source: The DWR Sunday Religious Disservice – Born A Skeptic

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