10 Ways To Improve The Bible

Some useful advice for God if the Bible truly is His Word.

Godless Cranium

Family-bibleSo many questions could be answered and so many lives could have been saved if the bible (or god or the inspired writers) would have thought to do a few things.

1) Slap a warning label on that bad boy that says, “This book is not to be taken literally”.

2) In addition to the warning label, provide color coding so that people know which stories to believe and which ones are nothing but an analogy or parable. Not only would this help atheists, but you’d probably cut down the number of Christian denominations from around 40,000 to just a few.

3) Instead of handing out instructions on how to own slaves, just pronounce it unethical to keep and hold slaves.

4) If one of your biggest duties as a deity was to get the ball rolling, you could at least get the creation story correct. For example, on the first day…

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5 Responses to 10 Ways To Improve The Bible

  1. trotter387 says:

    Can we do the same for all publications on science, politics, social reform – tell you what let’s blame everything on everyone else and stop taking responsibility for what humanity does to each other.

    • You do know the difference between a supposedly infallible or divinely inspired book and one written by humans right?

      Come on. Your comment is ridiculous.

      Um..um..personal responsibility! That’s the ticket!

      • trotter387 says:

        Thank you for the kind remark, yes I know the difference and I also spend a great deal of time reading it, looking at the supposed issues and problems with it, the failure to place context in the right place.

        Again thanks for the understanding and non-judgmental approach.

    • jasonjshaw says:

      Pretty sure there are no claims that publications of science, politics, or social reform are written by an all-powerful, all-kowing being. The Bible is claimed to be the Word of an all-powerful, all-knowing being. It’s worrisome that us tiny beings of limited knowledge can advise God on how He could have been more clear and concise to us.

      • trotter387 says:

        Good point but the purpose of the bible is missed if the basic reason for its provision is not understood.
        The church attributes much to the bible that isn’t there and ignores more of what is there, so we each need to read it, study it and make our own judgement on it.

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