Religion vs Science??

Science is essentially a method of testing and better understanding God’s Creation.  Why do some Christians oppose this??

This video talk takes a look at some of the issues of setting religion and science in opposition to each other:

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3 Responses to Religion vs Science??

  1. Test Tube is great. I like that he identifies literalism, not religion or science specifically, as a major problem. I’m not sure I agree that increased availability of information and scientific literacy is an issue. Personally, I think the inability to adequately evaluate sources of information is one of the biggest issues when it comes to things like global warming or evolution. People tend to side with sources that back their preconceived notions instead of looking for expertise and sources that do their best to minimize bias.

    • jasonjshaw says:

      Education about evaluating sources is something that I would hope starts to find its way into schools. It definitely is a big problem in the online realm.

  2. Strewth says:

    A scientist speaks about an unscientific experience.

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