Righteous Abortion: How Conservative Christianity Promotes What It Claims to Hate

Thank you to Victoria (https://victorianeuronotes.wordpress.com) for drawing this to my attention.

Some more thoughts on the idea that some who say they oppose abortion are actually helping to increase the prevalence of it – or at the very least, not helping to reduce it.


Shadow of the CrossAmerica’s high rate of abortion can be directly attributed to conservative Christianity’s obsession with controlling and suppressing sexuality.

The most effective way to reduce abortion is to de-stigmatize sexuality, improve sexual education, and ensure broad access to excellent contraceptives. In the highly secular Netherlands, this formula has knocked abortion down to 7 per 1000 women annually, one third the U.S. rate.

So why does the anti-abortion movement keep their focus on restrictive laws instead of contraceptive access?  Why do they oppose medically accurate sex ed? Why do they pledge to defund Title X family planning? Why are they having fits about programs that provide top tier contraceptives to pregnant teens in Colorado and Washington (and virtually eliminate abortion among participating teens)? Because abortion isn’t really what interests them. They want purity. They want righteousness. They want traditional gender roles with women as designated breeders who defer to male authority. They want these things so badly that they are willing…

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