Are you anti-abortion? Are you sure?

A good point is brought up in this discussion video – those who are anti-abortion: are they really anti-abortion?  Or are they more strongly anti-sex?

Colorado has experimented with reducing teen pregnancies and abortions by providing birth control to the poor.  Teen pregnancies and abortions dropped by 40%.


There is also mention that some US states with the highest rate of teen pregnancies/abortions are states that promote abstanance-only birth control.

Kids are going to experiment with sex.  To not prepare them with how to deal with it safely is irresponsible.  During those teenage years, hormones can get the best of us whether we want them to or not.  Teenagers need to be prepared and equipped to face such challenges rather than be left to trial and error, poor peer guidance, or even worse, being caught like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming car with the ecstasy of attraction.

Some of us would actually like to see less unwanted teen pregnancies and abortions.

Of course, giving the poor something more to live for than cheap thrills or escapism would do a world of good as well I’d suspect.  Income inequality is a root cause to many problems in our western society.  The poor aren’t lazy.  They lack opportunities, hope, and have to focus much more of their energy on simple survival.  We need to find ways to lift that burden from them so they can become more productive, hopeful and integral members of society.

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