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Religion vs Science??

Science is essentially a method of testing and better understanding God’s Creation.  Why do some Christians oppose this?? This video talk takes a look at some of the issues of setting religion and science in opposition to each other: Advertisements

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Unbelief. Do you understand it?

Here is a really well-done video that will help in your understanding of why there are Bible unbelievers: (Thanks to Dead Wild Roses‘ blog for this gem!)

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“God’s Not Dead” … In Real Life!

In Reverse!! If you are looking for loving Christians, it might be wise to avoid looking in the US “Bible Belt”.  From the numerous stories I have read, many “Bible belt” Christians seem to have missed the “love thy neighbour” passages … Continue reading

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#LoveWins, #GodWins: From a Christian who celebrates with you

Originally posted on The Counterfeit Christian:
#LoveWins. You’ve seen the hashtag everywhere lately, and for such a joyous reason. With my heart returning to Jesus, where do I stand on this issue? I’ve read one too many blog posts titled…

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Righteous Abortion: How Conservative Christianity Promotes What It Claims to Hate

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America’s high rate of abortion can be directly attributed to conservative Christianity’s obsession with controlling and suppressing sexuality. The most effective way to reduce abortion is to de-stigmatize sexuality, improve sexual education, and ensure broad access to excellent…

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Are you anti-abortion? Are you sure?

A good point is brought up in this discussion video – those who are anti-abortion: are they really anti-abortion?  Or are they more strongly anti-sex? Colorado has experimented with reducing teen pregnancies and abortions by providing birth control to the … Continue reading

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Consider my stone on the ground

Originally posted on Unconventional Spirituality:
My nephew is gay. In response to many of the hateful remarks made against the LGBT community he crafted a most elegant response.  It contained many of the common statements such as marriage equality does…

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