“Gay Marriage” Wins at SCOTUS – Having A Christian Response

I like the general direction this post takes. It seems silly for any Christian who has faith in God’s judgment to get fired up about the issue of gay marriage. The most intense feeling from a Christian that would seem reasonable would be something like strong concern for the eternal well-being of those who marry in a way that is outside of the Biblical understanding of marriage.

What Christians are demonstrating by opposing same-sex marriage is pride of belief. Opposing same-sex marriage is an act of being territorial, not an act of being loving. Considering all of the pagan celebrations that Christianity has hi-jacked over the past, such territorialism over a Christian celebration smells a little like hypocrisy.

Applied Faith

In a 5-4 decision, SCOTUS rules in favor of same-sex marriage In a 5-4 decision, SCOTUS rules in favor of same-sex marriage

Jesus always prevails. Christianity is a faith born in adversity, and still loves the enemy that persecutes them for their faith. Still, for His followers, it is easy to see the Supreme Court’s decision on homosexual unions as a loss of some kind. The gutting of RFRA bills and the corporate complicity in injuring the 1st Amendment was also demoralizing for Christians. According to Gallup, only 3.8% of Americans are homosexual, yet when they don’t feel like they’re getting

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence - RFRA Interview on ABCIndiana Gov. Mike Pence – RFRA Interview on ABC

their way, homosexual activist tactics make them appear monolithic. The deliberate, organized, manic hysteria on social media of the pro-homosexuality lobby caught many in the Christian community off-guard.

The SCOTUS ruling and RFRA defeats gave some loud and visible victories in small skirmishes to the homosexual community, creating an illusion of…

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1 Response to “Gay Marriage” Wins at SCOTUS – Having A Christian Response

  1. trotter387 says:

    You may have wonder how righteous Lot could have remained in Sodom with the open perversions going on in the streets of the City. Well Christians today now understand that although God’s standard remains the same the civil society sets different rules. We have t accept that is what people live with and decide it is acceptable to do but we don’t live the same way.

    We are not authorised to judge these decisions what we are determined to do like righteous Lot is follow the direction we receive from God.

    Also remember that Jesus said that his generation were worse that Sodom and at the time of judgement Sodom would have received a more favourable judgement (still death). So today we live in a time when bad is good and good is bad – life goes on and we accept others make their own decisions based on what is right in their eyes but personally we decide to follow Gods standards.

    Let them get on with it.

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