God kills more than Satan?

I saw this blog posting today that attempts to describe Christianity as a food nutrition label.  Some of the numbers are certainly questionable, but what caught my attention is the high number of deaths caused by God compared to the low number caused by the Devil.


Because of the bad information on the label and in some of the postings of this blogger, I had to double check this.  I found a link that goes more in-depth about the numbers:


In total, the number of people killed by God in the Bible could be nearly 25 million (25,000,000).  The number of people killed by Satan could be nearly 60 … not million, just 60.

I would think that this raises some questions about the morality and lovingness of the Biblical version of God.

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1 Response to God kills more than Satan?

  1. There it is, fairly strong reason to question the god of the bible.

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