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God kills more than Satan?

I saw this blog posting today that attempts to describe Christianity as a food nutrition label.  Some of the numbers are certainly questionable, but what caught my attention is the high number of deaths caused by God compared to the … Continue reading

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Evidence of Jesus’ existence

This video explores the evidence in understanding the true nature of Jesus’ existence.  Some very interesting and thoughtful points are made using a scholarly approach.

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Jesus wasn’t important – he was just God’s signpost

God is all-powerful, right? Christianity is belief that Jesus IS God embodied as a person, right? If the Biblical story of Jesus is true, do you realize that it is the equivalent of God simply posting a big billboard saying “The … Continue reading

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What do smokers and Christians have in common?

Peer pressure tactics! Come to the Father … come on, try a puff … Fine print: Health effects may vary depending on use.

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