Is the Christian God a liar???

Food for thought – Jesus is accused of claims of Godliness.  Jesus denies/deflects these claims.  Still, many Christians believe Jesus is God.

If Jesus is God, but denies being God, that would mean that God is a liar.

Jesus also points others not to himself, but to God the Father.

It doesn’t make sense for Jesus to be God.  It also doesn’t make sense to be worshipping a deceptive God.

Maybe next time we read the Bible, we should pay more attention to what Jesus says, and less attention to who we are told he is supposed to be.

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4 Responses to Is the Christian God a liar???

  1. We will probably never really know what Jesus actually said if the character in the bible existed at all. Excellent point about the deception.

    • jasonjshaw says:

      Assuming he did exist and that the things he is told to have said were along the lines of what he actually said, there definitely seems to be much more consistency of Jesus deferring to God the Father than there is of him pointing to himself.

      Of course, many followers of Jesus seem to have an attachment to the grand claims in the Gospel of John and take those to heart even when the remainder of in-Gospel evidence doesn’t line up well with such claims.

  2. Well, at least there is one claim by Jesus to be more than a mere mortal, when he says that before a bunch of things happened in the past, he was there. Not a claim to Godhood perhaps, but at least one of specialness.
    Actually, the story of Jesus being the Son of God and divine in his own right is the work of the Gentile (Greco-Roman) world. Their religious groups are full of stories about God or the chief God (Zeus or Jupiter) knocking up some mortal woman and having her give birth to a son who grows up to be a big hero type who has special powers thanks to his God the Father and who is taken up to Mt. Olympus (Heaven) upon his death where he becomes one of the Immortals. Jesus was just another one in a long list of these which included Hercules and Dionysius (two of the better known ones). Oh yeah, he has his own special bits, but then they all do. So, from one of a dime a dozen street preachers in Jerusalem and environs, he became one of a dime a dozen Son of God demigod heroes in the Roman world. Sad, isn’t it?

  3. One of many arguments against Jesus being God. Another being that (I am pretty sure anyway) the Old Testament prophecies do not predict God coming to the earth in human form. I am interested in reading Bart Ehrman’s, “How Jesus Became God,” as I feel like it would be quite interesting and enlightening. I’ve read a couple of his books so far, and they are intriguing for sure. I am just assuming you know who Bart Ehrman is, but if not, definitely Google him! You might want to read some of his stuff too. 🙂

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