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Jesus is NOT the Father

If you hold Jesus to the same standard as God the Father, you may be committing idolatry. I came across this web page that thoroughly debunks this troubling belief that many Christians hold:

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Is the Christian God a liar???

Food for thought – Jesus is accused of claims of Godliness.  Jesus denies/deflects these claims.  Still, many Christians believe Jesus is God. If Jesus is God, but denies being God, that would mean that God is a liar. Jesus also points … Continue reading

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Gospels Test Spoiler!

The other day I shared an online test about the Gospels (click here to go try it).  Anyone who tried it will find that they got every question wrong, and were given a reference as to why. It’s a bit … Continue reading

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Test your knowledge of the Gospels!

A simple test about the Gospels that might really get you thinking!  Give it a try!

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