The Pope accepts Evolution and the Big Bang!

*** This is NOT satire.  This is real. ***

I couldn’t believe it myself when I first read it!

I commend the Pope of the Catholic Church for taking a step to help open Christians up to what humanity has confirmed about the nature of existence.

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6 Responses to The Pope accepts Evolution and the Big Bang!

  1. jblondie says:

    Wow! Finally. Some religious common sense. It looks as if the church is finally releasing some control. Interesting thought though…according to the bible God created us in his “image”…since I’m suppose to take the Bible literally according to my Lutheran upbringing-does this mean God looks like a monkey? 🙂

    • jasonjshaw says:

      More orthodox Christians are definitely going to need to learn some new gymnastics moves to get around this one! There could be some serious backlash to this! How will they account for the idea that women developed from a man’s rib?

  2. I’ve been amazed by the reactions to all of this since it has been accepted teaching in RC universities and high schools (I attended both) for well over 50 years that I can attest to. The RC does not take the Bible literally, after all, they wrote the NT and assembled what is known as the OT. Literal interpretation of the Bible is a rather recent phenomenon dating back to about the mid 1800’s. Jesus founded the Church (and the RC claim to be that specific institution) he didn’t write the Bible. It is the Church that is the source of divine revelation because they have both the Scriptural sources and the non-Scriptural ones. Anyway, that’s what they teach and claim and why Catholics don’t usually bother reading the Bible (from what I have seen, neither do the Protestants). Catholics who have been to Catholic colleges and universities are usually better educated about and in the Bible than most of the Protestants (they hate that term, but that’s where their churches came from).

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