Being religious does not make you better behaved

Morality comes from the result of one’s actions that result in an effect on others. It is a reflection of collections of such actions over time.

That being said, a study has found that religious people are not more moral – they just tend to be more dramatic about their perceived moral victories and failings.

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BEING religious does not make you better behaved, researchers claim.

A new study found ‘no significant difference’ in the number or quality of moral and immoral deeds made by religious and non-religious participants.

The researchers found only one difference – Religious people responded with more pride and gratitude for their moral deeds, and more guilt, embarrassment and disgust for their immoral deeds

Researchers say the find means religious and nonreligious people have more in common than generally thought when it comes to moral experiences in everyday life.

‘To our knowledge, it’s the first study that directly assesses how morality plays out in people’s everyday lived experience,’ says Linda Skitka, a University of Illinois at Chicago psychologist. who co-authored the study, which was published in the journal Science.

The study also found little evidence for a morality divide between political conservatives and liberals.

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