Thought: If you were God …

If you were God and were selecting those who are allowed in Heaven with You, who would you let in?

A) People who claim to know You based on human-written stories and are often bothering you with personal requests


B) People who seek truth and understanding through physical evidence of Your creation while not claiming to be certain about You


Personally, I’d rather have those who actually care to continue to learn more about me and what I’ve done.

Isn’t that what love is all about?

Isn’t that what Jesus did in helping others turn away from sin?

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5 Responses to Thought: If you were God …

  1. Paul Quixote says:

    False dilemma. And thank God! I am not.

    • jasonjshaw says:

      Is it? According to the Bible, humans were created in the exact likeness of God. Does that not lend us the opportunity to be able to look at things from God’s perspective?

      • Paul Quixote says:

        God’s perspective is omniscience. I am not, last time I checked, omniscient. He has shared certain things with humanity, yeah sure. What I meant, though, is that I tend to doubt that people file so easily into the A and B categories above. Life tends to be messy and sloppy. Also, I’m far from a Biblical Inerrancy kind of person ( i. e. the Word of God is perfect, is Jesus–not the “Bible”) and so probably not a Fundamentalist either, but why is Scripture and Prayer necessarily put in the negative A category? What do you mean by “seek truth and understanding through the physical evidence of [His] creation?” Here I would rebut with what Jesus said to Thomas near the end of John 20. Looking more and more to me like a false dilemma, at any rate. I reject this either/or: I want BOTH.

      • jasonjshaw says:

        The example given isn’t intended to be one-size fits all. It is drawing from contrasting perspectives though and intended to provoke thought.

        God’s omniscience is another issue altogether – but even though we don’t know everything that God knows, being made in His image allows us to see what we do know from His perspective, I would imagine.

        I think we can even look at it from the perspective of parent and child as a microcosm of God and humanity, at least in some sense. What loving parent wants their child to call out to them on every issue they face and to accept what they’ve been taught by the limited knowledge the parents’ have shared as an absolute truth?

        Of course a combination of the two sides is reasonable, but looking at the two sides independently, being fully on the one side seems much more troublesome than being on the other.

  2. Strewth says:

    It seems God works through humans, we are his servants. I don’t think it matters which of these categories we might fit in, or any other category, as long as it’s suitable to extend compassion throughout the world.

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