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Thought: If you were God …

If you were God and were selecting those who are allowed in Heaven with You, who would you let in? A) People who claim to know You based on human-written stories and are often bothering you with personal requests or … Continue reading

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Link: Religious Children Struggle To Separate Fact From Fiction

I wonder if belief in Santa Claus also has a similar effect? I’m all for encouraging imagination or using fictional stories in teaching real-life concepts, but presenting children with questionable stories as if they are fact can definitely be troublesome … Continue reading

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Why are Christians so negative toward Atheists?

It seems that many Christians dislike Atheists, especially according to the study referenced here: Jesus seems to have spent a significant amount of time and energy connecting people in troubled situations (who were likely not too thrilled with the … Continue reading

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Fighting with Parents to Follow Jesus

An example of how easily the Bible can be interpreted in troubling ways. This is a big reason why I felt it important to share a general overview of the faith in my posting “The Simple Heart of Christianity“.

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