What an Atheist Told His Daughter When She Asked About God

A fantastic perspective on belief!

Bryan Patterson's Faithworks

David Lesser wrote this on Huffington Post.

The Big Questions come at the most unexpected times. The other day, driving home from preschool, Penny asked me if God could hear us. This question was followed by, “does he know where we live?” and “does he see everything we do?” My responses to these thought-provoking metaphysical queries varied from “uhh…” to “err…” and finally, a “maybe you should talk to your mother about this one.” (I was about as helpful as Penny’s little brother, Simon, who sat there, fascinated by the whole exchange.) Penny came to her own conclusion, “I think He does.”


I am an atheist. There are many reasons why I don’t believe in God and why I’m not a big fan of organized religion. But you’ve probably heard them all before, expressed much more articulately than I could hope to do here. I’m not trying to change…

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