Did Jesus think he was God?

Some in-depth discussion on how Jesus may have viewed his own Godliness.


The outstanding liberal Biblical scholar James McGrath wrote a thought-provoking post on this very topic.

BildI mentioned a few posts about Bart Ehrman’s recent book yesterday, and there are already a couple more. Larry Hurtado offered some amendments to his post, in light of feedback from Bart Ehrman himself. And Ken Schenck blogged about chapter 3 and whether Jesus thought he was God. In it he writes:

I think we can safely assume that, in his public persona, Jesus did not go around telling everyone he was the Messiah, let alone God.

But one must then ask whether these is a good reason to regard the process that follows, in which Jesus comes to be viewed as the second person of the Trinity, is a legitimate or necessary one.

Schenck also criticizes Ehrman for giving voice to older formulations of scholarly views, as though things had not moved on.


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1 Response to Did Jesus think he was God?

  1. Strewth says:

    I think Jesus meant to portray himself as the Messiah, without believing it so. I believe however that he was more than the expected Jewish Messiah, but had a message beyond Judaism. He brought God’s message to the wider world. Unbeknownst to him, he was more than the Messiah.

    His plan was to survive and make a come-back, so convincing unbelievers. He may indeed have survived, but circumstances prevented him becoming a public figure again, or he unexpectedly did not survive to carry out a return.

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