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Link: Why I rejected religion and instead raised my son on Star Wars

Some fantastic thoughts on the troubles and the benefits of religion – and how to responsibly approach the subject with children. May the 4th be with you.

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Is Heaven like North Korea?

Instead of simply creating a perfect place for everyone to be, God allowed free will for us to decide if we want to go to the perfect place for eternity.  Now, this poses some difficulties. Sin comes with free will.  … Continue reading

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Is the Bible consistent in its message?

There is an infographic that shows all of the supposed contradictions in the Bible. Actually, here it is: Image: PDF: Now, some Christians will contend that these contradictions need to be fit together with context.  Let’s say that … Continue reading

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Can lies be used for the greater good?

I suggest that it is possible Jesus could have led people to believe he was the Messiah and performed a resurrection like a magician to solidify the ideas he taught. Though, I am doubtful that Jesus outright proclaimed to be … Continue reading

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