The Beginning and the End

Sin and repentance is a key concept in Christianity. It only makes sense that the concept would be expanded from the personal scale to the worldwide scale in what is Biblically predicted for the future. A good concept to be aware of, even if in reality it doesn’t actually occur in such a finite way.

The Interminable Frozen Pond

Studying Genesis and Revelation in tandem is quite helpful in understanding what everything is all about, and what the Bible truly says about the beginning and the end. I would say, for the most part, I’ve never quite made the proper connections.

These bookends fit together like lock and key. They parallel each other and rhyme, and seem almost mirror images once you lay it all out. Remarkable symmetry.

We started out after Creation in a Utopian paradise. Sin introduced entropy into the world, which increased slowly over time. An easy life of leisure gradually declined into labor and toil, with ever-diminishing returns. Lifespans stretched almost a thousand years for the first 1600 years, until the earth was knocked off its foundations and rapidly fell into chaos and ruin. In the centuries which followed, lifespans declined rapidly over each successive generation, from around 500 years, to 400, to 300, to 200, to less than 150.

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