God is perfect. …?

According to the Bible, God had to wipe out humanity with a flood and basically start over.  He also had to appear on Earth to die and be resurrected to atone for the sins of humanity much later on.

Basically, the Bible is saying that God didn’t get things right the first or the second time.  He had to make some big changes to steer things on a better path.

That being said, there are claims that the Christian version of God is perfect.

Biblical evidence seems to suggest otherwise.

If God is perfect and the events of the Bible are at least somewhat accurate, He must be toying with us.  That calls His love into question.

If God is not perfect and the events of the Bible are at least somewhat accurate, maybe He is trying His best to keep things functioning well on Earth for humanity in a loving way.

No matter how you look at it though, it seems to be an impossibility that God is both perfect and loves humanity – at least according to the Bible.

Speaking of the accuracy of the events in the Bible, there is a fantastic show being aired in North America these days that explains how scientists know what they know about the universe.  It’s called “Cosmos: A SPACETIME ODYSSEY“.  If you are able to find a way to watch this series, I highly recommend it from what I’ve seen so far.

What better way is there to learn more about God’s Creation than to study the verifiable evidence that exists all around us?

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3 Responses to God is perfect. …?

  1. Strewth says:

    Before you can make these judgements about God, you need to decide who or what God is, and what are His aims. I believe it is within God we live and move and have our being, that God is everywhere present, the creator of all power, the receptacle of all knowledge, and I believe God is All, including us. Including Jesus and the heavenly host of angels. Including the sun and moon and stars, created of the same material we are.

    God is our Father, but not limited to that. God is Love, God is Light, God has many aspects. It is impossible for us to know all, faith is needed. We really only need to know we are loved and can love.

    • jasonjshaw says:

      Have you read the book “God’s Debris”? What you’re describing reminds me of that book where the suggestion is something along the lines of that because God is all-mighty, He can do anything and everything – and how boring is that! So possibly, God did the only thing he may not be capable of doing so simply – destroying Himself! And voila, Big Bang, and everything is pieces of God making their way back together.

  2. Strewth says:

    Perhaps God does nothing but think and communicate, a Spirit, an Intelligence. Perhaps ‘His’ will is communicated to others for action, and they don’t always get it right? Have to themselves mature or evolve, grow in understanding?

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