Can we use logic to improve our lives? The therapy that changed me forever

Here is the logic behind the idea that all sins are forgiven. If you accept the understanding of sins being forgiven, you’re basically having the STOP sign inserted into your way of thinking.

Christianity uses this trick to convince people that Jesus’ atonement for sins is true, when in fact, Jesus is not required when learning of this.

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2 Responses to Can we use logic to improve our lives? The therapy that changed me forever

  1. Strewth says:

    Not sure about the connection here between the two subjects, so I might be totally on the wrong track.

    Each action has an equal and opposite reaction, in any field. In religion we have as ye sew, so shall ye reap, and many other instances. Karma is the same. It’s obvious that in a person’s lifetime this may not eventuate – sinners prosper, good people have a rough trot. It takes more than one life time before the balance is paid and we can pass muster. But can Jesus short out this natural law?

    The Jewish tradition was the scapegoat, where the sins of the people were supposed to be heaped on the goat, which was then sacrificed, saving the people from suffering their karma – that could hardly work. But it might with a more ‘perfect’ sacrifice?

    Jesus tried to teach about love, and the power of love to overcome the law of cause and effect. The old idea of a scape goat has unfortunately clung.

    • jasonjshaw says:

      Actually, it’s forgiveness and grace kind of wrapped into one. I didn’t even think to mention the concept of grace.

      I agree with the equal and opposite reaction sentiment, and that it can stretch beyond one’s life time.

      Interesting thought on the scapegoat mentality and how it continues, just without the animal sacrifice!

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