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5 Things I’ve Learned From Religion

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I’ve gone from Fundamental Christianity, to agnostic, to new Atheist, and now to A-theistic A-gnostic. I use the hyphens in my current designation to bring attention to the basic meaning of the words. Basically,…

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Ten Things I’ve Learned About Gay People in Ten Years: A Christian Perspective

Originally posted on Bryan Patterson's Faithworks:
THE loudest message the gay community hears from Christians is one of intolerance and hatred. Is this the message in you? Kathy, a heterosexual Christian woman, thoughtfully enters a conversation that often brings…

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Eye-witness accounts VS Evidenced speculation

In defense of the Bible, one might say that in a court of law, an eye witness account trumps speculation any day. But beware, eye-witness accounts will often lead to false convictions when there is an absence of evidence.

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The Beginning and the End

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Studying Genesis and Revelation in tandem is quite helpful in understanding what everything is all about, and what the Bible truly says about the beginning and the end. I would say, for the…

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Only Christianity offers total forgiveness. ..?

It’s quite the marketing point!  And this idea is used against this poor Buddhist fellow who clearly doesn’t know his religion in-depth: “No other religion besides Biblical Christianity offers total forgiveness.” Isn’t that a shame for those of other … Continue reading

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Can we use logic to improve our lives? The therapy that changed me forever

Here is the logic behind the idea that all sins are forgiven. If you accept the understanding of sins being forgiven, you’re basically having the STOP sign inserted into your way of thinking. Christianity uses this trick to convince people … Continue reading

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God is perfect. …?

According to the Bible, God had to wipe out humanity with a flood and basically start over.  He also had to appear on Earth to die and be resurrected to atone for the sins of humanity much later on. Basically, … Continue reading

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Link: Why I rejected religion and instead raised my son on Star Wars

Some fantastic thoughts on the troubles and the benefits of religion – and how to responsibly approach the subject with children. May the 4th be with you.

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Is Heaven like North Korea?

Instead of simply creating a perfect place for everyone to be, God allowed free will for us to decide if we want to go to the perfect place for eternity.  Now, this poses some difficulties. Sin comes with free will.  … Continue reading

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Is the Bible consistent in its message?

There is an infographic that shows all of the supposed contradictions in the Bible. Actually, here it is: Image: PDF: Now, some Christians will contend that these contradictions need to be fit together with context.  Let’s say that … Continue reading

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