Infographic: Taking Easter Seriously

Inconsistencies of the story of Easter in the Gospels – in the form of a stylish infographic!

Taking Easter Seriously Infographic

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4 Responses to Infographic: Taking Easter Seriously

  1. Sabio Lantz says:

    Ya know, Jason. Matt offers 2 main options Atheists take on understanding the story — growing legend or myth. Here is my infographic — imitating (and acknowledging) Matt’s and offering other nuances. What do you think?
    Like you, I am a former Christian. Unlike you, I didn’t leave because I found problems with the Bible. I left because I saw no God, realized I was talking in my head, and realized other religious folks were doing the same and no one is going to a “Hell”.
    We all left for different reasons, eh?

    • jasonjshaw says:

      Actually Sabio, I got involved in Christianity as I was under the impression as a child that Christians were supposed to be more moral, yet experiences in my early adult life contradicted it. I also felt an element of intimidation whenever someone spoke of Christian ideas. A desire had developed in me to understand what Christianity was really all about.

      That is an interesting thought you bring up in your infographic! As there are many levels of believing the story of Jesus to be true, there are also many levels in believing the Bible not to be true.

      Actually, I just checked your pie charts – that’s a great visualization!

  2. Sabio Lantz says:

    Thanx, Jason.
    Christianity was a life-raft for me for about 5 years. It gave me direction, helped me think seriously about what I valued. Then I found others doing the same who were in other faiths. Then I found others doing the same outside of faiths. I guess it was just a maturity thing.
    I still think Christianity (and other religions) can benefit people [as well as harm them]. And by no means do I think that an atheist view is necessarily helpful — though it can be. All is complicated, eh?

    • jasonjshaw says:

      I agree completely. Learning about Christianity actually helped me consolidate understandings I had learned through life and fill in some finer details I didn’t necessarily have a decent awareness of. It especially brought me some much needed connection with others in a positive environment.

      But like anything, all belief can be used selflessly and selfishly.

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