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Miscarriage is murder???

This is ridiculous. If women make the slightest mistake during pregnancy, they are now criminals.  If they make the slightest mistake during pregnancy and have a stillbirth or miscarriage, they will be more likely to try to hide it … Continue reading

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Christians must realize that prohibition tends to do more harm than good

There are parts of Christianity that wish to control all of society.  Typically, they seem to seek the banning of things they feel have been deemed as “sin” by the Bible.  Sadly, they don’t realize that by being controlling rather … Continue reading

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Where do babies go when they die?

Originally posted on Wretched with Todd Friel:
Episode 1367

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How do you view the Bible’s Jesus?

Originally posted on Triangulations:
After comments on my previous post, I decided to make another diagrammatic attempt of the different ways people view the Bible’s Jesus.  Hopefully it is self-explanatory but here are some quick points: For everyone, the percentages vary…

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Memory’s a Funny Thing

Originally posted on Finding Truth:
Recently, the ten most memorable moments of British TV were voted on, and Colin Firth coming out of the lake in Pride and Prejudice won most memorable. To commemorate, a huge statue of Colin Firth…

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An exercise in questioning Christians

Every now and then I am afforded an opportunity to spark up significant conversation with some Christians that frequent the Matt Walsh Blog.  It has actually been a great proving grounds for my unorthodox view of Christianity. Of course, Easter … Continue reading

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In response to the Christian version of Easter

This is my response to the following blog posting that insinuates that the story of Jesus’ resurrection is true: Bryan Patterson’s Faithworks – So what is truth? I agree that there is value in what Jesus taught, and that his … Continue reading

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