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“Son of Man”: holy title or human reference?

Jesus’ “Son of Man” title is seen as a holy title connected to this reference: “In my vision at night I looked, and there before me was one like a son of man, coming with the clouds of heaven. He … Continue reading

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Fully human, fully God – how this can work logically

When I hear an athlete say they are going to give 110% effort, I shake my head.  If taken literally, they are saying that they will exert themselves 10% beyond what they are capable of.  In other words, I expect … Continue reading

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Christians ignore the views the Jews have of their own beliefs?

I came across a great comment from a former Christian believer on a great post that questions Christianity in a way that takes Christian views into account.  Here is the blog post: And here is the comment (posted by … Continue reading

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Middle fingers, God & breaking bubbles…REALLY???

Originally posted on Culture Monk:
by Kenneth Justice “So what do you think of my library” asked the Lutheran pastor “Well, I think your library is too slanted in favor of Lutheranism” his friend responded   ~ Many people live in…

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Escapism and the Avenue to Heaven

Originally posted on Matthew D. Kiehl:
I’ve mentioned before (in Making a Mark) how I’ve seen a few examples of Apathy in our culture. Recently I’ve also recognized Escapism in a few places in our culture. Often Apathy and Escapism…

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A Loving Summation of Atheism to a Worried Christian Mother

Originally posted on unpacked thoughts:
Yesterday, an old friend sent me a message on facebook to a pretty extraordinary page on reddit. The page, which can be found here, is a Christian mother asking for help on how to react…

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The four harsh truths that everyone in my generation needs to accept

Originally posted on The Matt Walsh Blog:
I’m a young person. A ‘young adult,’ supposedly. I’m married with two kids and back problems, so I don’t necessarily feel like it all the time, but I do fall into that coveted…

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