“Strictly Speaking, the Gospels are Anonymous” (w/ YouTube)

No one knows who really wrote the Gospels. This post explores that well with a variety of sources and analysis. Also there is talk about this question: If the Bible is God’s word, why didn’t Jesus write anything?

Considering Jesus’ “lost years”, this is a good point. It’s not like Jesus didn’t have time to do some of his own writing before he started down the road leading to crucifixion.

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2 Responses to “Strictly Speaking, the Gospels are Anonymous” (w/ YouTube)

  1. Soduhson says:

    Ah, Bart Ehrman. I actually studied some of his work in my (left-wing) Religious Studies electives. Not many of his proponents realize that he has more or less equal credentials to William Layne Craig (they received their Doctorates in Theology in the same seminary). However, Craig is one of the foremost apologetics leaders and Ehrman is an Agnostic Bible scholar. They exemplify the idea of looking at the same evidence yet drawing opposite conclusions. In other words, knowledge doesn’t always counter bias or faith, just complements it.

    • jasonjshaw says:

      Perspective can play a big part in drawing conclusions about things we don’t have enough information about to thoroughly understand. Where there are holes, there is room for the imagination.

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