The U.S.A. was NOT founded on Christianity

I’ve been learning about quite the interesting bit of information the past few days – Thomas Jefferson’s Bible mash-up.

What Thomas Jefferson am I talking about?  The one who was the principal author of the American Declaration of Independence.  He was also the third U.S. president.

Now, the title of this post may be misleading as I am not certain of the timeline of Jefferson’s beliefs, but it seems quite clear that he was interested more in Jesus’ teachings than the supernatural events in the New Testament.  Why is that?  Because he sliced and diced a bunch of Bibles in order to maintain the teachings Jesus presented while removing miracles, suggestions of Jesus’ divinity, the virgin birth, and the resurrection.

Basically, he arranged everything from the Gospels in chronological order into a single combined Gospel – with supernatural elements removed.

As someone who is exploring the usefulness of Jesus’ teachings and the troubles of the supernatural beliefs connected with Jesus, this is a fascinating find!  It has become known as “The Jefferson Bible“, but its original name is “The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth“.

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8 Responses to The U.S.A. was NOT founded on Christianity

  1. Trey Medley says:

    Ben Franklin was an unabashed atheist and the Quincy family very well may have been Unitarians. The US constitution was very clearly a Deist document. In the rush to make the U.S. a Christian nation we should not distort the facts. It was an Enlightenment project nothing more. (Britain was the real Christian nation)

  2. Soduhson says:

    So the us was founded on liberal Christianity?

    • jasonjshaw says:

      I guess that depends if your definition of Christianity requires belief in Jesus as God or not.

      • Soduhson says:

        Politically (in the United States) believing that Jesus is God (or divine) is not necessary to be considered a member of the Christian faith.

      • jasonjshaw says:

        Interesting, that explains why nearly all politicians in the US are identified as Christians. I did read that there were practices of giving incoming presidents a copy of the Jefferson Bible.

  3. Derek says:

    When people bring this up, I always find it interesting. I don’t believe the United States is an especially Christian place, nor do I care whether or not it was founded on Christian ideals. I’ve heard of Jefferson’s gospel edit before. When I came across Jason’s blog it was actually the first thing that sprang to mind. I couldn’t think of how to phrase this question without sounding quite antagonistic, so I’ll just preface the question by stating that I don’t mean for it to be antagonistic: Why does it matter if the United States (or any country for that matter) is a “Christian” country or not?

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