Escapism and the Avenue to Heaven

This post includes a fantastic explanation of the ideas of Heaven and Hell in an Earthly sense along with some other great perspective!

Matthew D. Kiehl

I’ve mentioned before (in Making a Mark) how I’ve seen a few examples of Apathy in our culture. Recently I’ve also recognized Escapism in a few places in our culture. Often Apathy and Escapism go hand in hand. For example, a person who watches a very large amount of TV is not only being apathetic but they are also “escaping.”  Our lives can be very difficult at times and we look for avenues of escape, places to rest.  Sometimes I see it in simple phrases like, “It’s alright,” “It doesn’t matter,” “No one is going to care,” “Don’t worry about it,” “You can only do so much,” “Do what you want.”  But I also see it in deeply held religious beliefs like, “I just can’t wait for Heaven.”

I also see sports, games, and recreational pursuits as forms of escapism. For example, I recently visited a rock climbing gym…

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