Pro-Life and Pro-Choice are BOTH Pro-Humanity

To put the abortion matter simply, it comes down to the root of morality – survival. Personal survival and survival of the species. In the case of abortion, there are two people who are significantly affected in their ability to survive directly, plus there are indirect issues that pose risks to elements of humanity to a much lesser extent, but a significance nonetheless.

In saying that, there is no argument to close the case as to what is the best course of action when it comes to abortion. Every view is a matter of opinion. Chances are this subject will continue to be an argument going forward for the foreseeable future. We should learn to understand and respect each other’s opinions as really, both sides are pro-humanity, just from different angles.

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9 Responses to Pro-Life and Pro-Choice are BOTH Pro-Humanity

  1. violetwisp says:

    “We should learn to understand and respect each other’s opinions as really, both sides are pro-humanity, just from different angles.” That’s a good point. There’s nothing nice about abortion, but the best way to cut numbers is through education (not just about sex, but biology, logical decision making, respect for others) for all. Restricting access to safe and legal abortion only leads to later term abortions and the creation of unethical and dangerous abortion industries. I’m not clear what the pro-life activists are wanting to achieve with their harmful campaigns.

    • Soduhson says:

      Like pro-choice activists, pro-life activists tend to be “diverse” in their methodology. The “woman should accept the rape and incest babies” crowd tends to be the loudest, but not representative of the whole (it also tends to be spearheaded by women who were rape/incest victims).

      Ironically, I think Ann Coulter said it right when she said that pro-life people need to get establish that they think abortions SHOULD be acceptable in the case of rape or incest, then demand to focus on what she said is “97% of the rest of abortions”. The real debate is about women who elect to have an abortion for personal/self-centered reasons. Which the pro-choice side says is about women having control of there own bodies vs. the life of the fetus/embryo for the pro-life side.

      Personally, I’m pro-life (what I think is ultimately the moral truth without respect to my theological perspective). But I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t feel relief if one of my sisters got an abortion to avoid certain judgmental people.

      • jasonjshaw says:

        Great perspective! I would agree that now with the issue having been kicked around in the public for a while that there are more seeing the middle ground, but a big part of the trouble is that there still is a very loud portion of people that believe abortion should be banned on all accounts. One blog I follow, The Matt Walsh Blog, seems to cater to this crowd and has gained wild popularity in the realm of WordPress in a relatively short time. This blog post was actually a comment I wrote in response to his latest anti-abortion piece.

      • Soduhson says:

        You can’t say that you’re looking for a middle ground and then focus your complaints at one side. Pseudo-moderates are arguably the biggest extremists. This goes for both sides.

      • jasonjshaw says:

        From what I’ve seen, that side of the argument seems to be much larger than the side that wants to offer quick, easy and cheap abortions for all which I am equally against. I’ve actually only gained awareness of that extreme end of the argument through the blog I mentioned. My view – abortion should be legal, but there should be controls and educational elements intertwined. The focus should be on connecting with those who are getting themselves into trouble with such situations in order to help them move onward and “sin no more”.

      • Soduhson says:

        Not a slight against you, but I’ve noticed that people tend to not be aware of the extremism of the “side” of an argument they tend to agree or sympathize with.

        However, I would still say that a person looking for middle ground should at least pre-emptively seek to resolve any perceived extremism that “could” come from either side.

      • jasonjshaw says:

        I think I get what you’re saying – in my conversation with the blogger in question, he started jumping on my views as “liberal”. It’s disappointing that people have to resort to generalizing labels rather than seeing the varying degrees of thought. I did actually offer up your point of view in order to try to bring some connection, as you actually have demonstrated consideration for both sides of the argument in your view and I hope it will demonstrate the problems with a hard-line blanketed view of the issue as the blogger seems to promote.

    • jasonjshaw says:

      I agree. What bothers me is that it seems like those who want abortion banned aren’t considering the repercussions of such actions, especially when the fight against drugs is a pretty clear demonstration of how prohibition isn’t particularly successful when it comes to solving such problems.

  2. Howie says:

    Some very good points Jason! You are so right that there are aspects to both sides that are pro-humanity and that’s what makes the topic such a tough one to discuss.

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